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Now a little bit about me!

I am still the main performer here at Emmabelle's, but recently I've also been enjoying watching my incredible team take the lead with character roles at some of our events, whilst I focus more on all of the behind the scenes details. I absolutely love BOTH performing and hosting - of course it is absolutely amazing being a princess, BUT it's also just as amazing being able to take a step back and watch reactions of adults and little ones alike. I am so very grateful that this is my job, it truly is magical.

I am known for my bubbly and kind personality as well as an having an ability to connect with all children. I have worked with many children in the past in roles such as cabin crew, being a childcare assistant and working in the NHS. I also have yearly training in first aid and CPR, as I believe this is such a valuable skill to have.

I do have my own tiny Princess too! She is 6 years old, an absolute joy and such a light in my life. If you've been to any of our events you most definitely would have met her - she's so sociable and the perfect little helper! She is OF COURSE named after a princess! Well two actually... her name is Ariella, a combination of Ariel & Cinderella :)

I am lucky enough to have had a childhood (and adulthood!) filled with many amazing Princess experiences and I absolutely love recreating these magical memories for the children I visit. Performing comes naturally to me, I have been acting and singing for as for as long as I can remember! I am looking forward to bringing my performance skills to your events, giving your child the truly authentic Princess experience they deserve.

I am dedicated to exceeding your expectations and delivering a truly magical experience. I look forward to helping you plan the perfect day for your party or event!

Until then, I am wishing you a great day filled with magic and sparkles xx

We also have the most amazing cast who work for us to help bring the magic to life,  who are each trained to the highest standards to provide you only the very best quality entertainment!

Specific performer can be requested, but not guareteed. Final performer selection will be based on availability within our current schedule.


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Hello there!

​My name is Emma and I am the owner and creator of Emmabelle's Princess Parties & Events!

Firstly, I'd love to share a brief history of my company, and let you know how we came about!

It has always been a dream of mine to bring Princesses to life and make children's dreams come true, and after a lot of hard work way back in 2014, I was absolutely thrilled to find a way to launch Emmabelle's and make this dream a reality!

I started up Emmabelle's because I was passionate about bringing theme park quality characters to the UK (I'm a bit of a regular to Orlando - it's like a second home for me!), I remember looking around for a company to join, but they all seemed to be entertainers dressed as a princess, rather than actually becoming the princess, with the entertainment as a bonus - and so Emmabelle's was born!

I have ALWAYS been such a perfectionist, and I'm very 'all-or-nothing' with everything I do. So right from the start I made sure I invested in the highest quality costumes I could. I created my own character training program to ensure I was speaking with the correct accent and tone for each princess, there were months of researching character backgrounds and their individual mannerisms. I even learnt how to style my own wigs with high quality bases bought from America, so they looked exactly like the character - with the correct hair colour, had the true princess volume, and to make sure the curls and wisps were in the right places!

This 'quality control' has been constant throughout our 9 years of operation - I am always upgrading and updating our costumes, wigs, training guides and activities. Honestly, absolutely no detail goes unnoticed here! But because of this, I know we are unique, and I am incredibly proud to offer some of the highest quality princess characters in the UK!