Evil Teen

Perfect Nanny

Also Available, but not part of our main line up:

Tower Prince

Ice Harvester

Miss Alice

Fashion Doll

Spider Hero

                                                Christmas Meanie - only bookable for events in November & December

Lilypad Princess

Pirate Fairy

Polynesian Princess

Captain Jack

Arabian Princess​​

Highland Princess

Fairest Princess

Sleeping Princess

Adventure Queen

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Phone: 01628 909062

Princess Beauty

Tower Princess

Ice Queen

Charming Princess

Mermaid Princess

Wicked Teen

Charming Stepsisters

Not looking for a princess? Or perhaps your celebration has more than one theme? We would love to help!

Keep scrolling to see our selection of non-princess characters.

We often get asked if a male performer needs to be booked if boys are attending - absolutely not! We ask during the booking process the age range and mix of boys and girls, to ensure we plan activities that we know all little guests will enjoy. We find that boys are MORE than happy to be involved with our princesses!

We strongly encourage you to book your child's very favourite characters, after all, it is their super special day! 

Miracle Cousin

Villains, Heroes, Fairies, Princes, Pirates & more!

Miracle Sister

Charming Prince

Butterfly Princess

Tinker Fairy

Pop Princess


An Emmabelle original fairy

​Hair colour may vary


An Emmabelle original fairy

​Hair colour may vary

Emmabelle's Princess Parties

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Wonder Hero


An Emmabelle original fairy

Hair colour may vary