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 Frequently Asked Questions

* Which characters could I book for my party?
We are currently taking bookings for each of the characters mentioned on our 'Characters' page.
However, if your child's favourite character isn't listed, please let us know and we will see what we can do!

 * What do your parties involve?
Please refer to our 'Parties' page to see the current package options you can select from. For the past 9

years, our dedicated efforts have been focused on maximizing the value of each minute you book our

characters for, by curating a diverse range of activities that are thoughtfully arranged for a seamless and

enjoyable experience. However, if you feel that our current package options wouldn't quite fit your plans,

just let us know and we would be happy to discuss other ideas with you!

* Do I need to provide anything?
The only thing we require from you is clear space for us to host activities! And occasionally a plug socket.
Yep, that's it! We want to make everything as easy and stress free as possible for you.
Your chosen character(s) will arrive with everything they need for the duration of your booking with us,
including a speaker, full playlist of music, and any supplies they need to run the scheduled activities. 

* Which areas do you cover?
​Along with having our own venue in St Neots, if you have a larger guest count or would like to host your

celebration in your own home, depending on where you are located, we might also able to travel to you!

We are based on the Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire border, and generally cover a radius of 15 miles from

St Neots with no additional travel charge, however for our longer package options, or corporate events

we are more than happy to travel further afield. We would just need to apply a small travel fee to cover our time and fuel. We have performed at parties and events all over the UK, and love creating magic with our premium characters in all locations!

* Do you provide any party extras?

For a fully inclusive event experience we are delighted to be able to host parties at our bespoke venue in St Neots town centre. Emmabelle's Emporium is a fully decorated fairytale themed venue. We also offer a full decor and catering service for parties taking place away from our venue, although please note that we have extremely limited availability for this type of fully bespoke package. For any event elements we cannot provide ourselves, we are happy to recommend some other wonderful local businesses!

* How far in advance should I book?

The earlier the better! Certain days, particularly weekends, tend to get booked up quite quickly. We recommend booking at least 2-3 months in advance to have the best chance of securing the character you want at the desired time and date. However, if you are flexible on dates, timings and/or character choice, we can usually accommodate bookings with less notice. 

* What ages do you cater for?

We can cater for ALL ages, but find that children aged 3 - 8 years old are best for our princess or fairy themed parties. For our villain and Wednesday themed parties, we find that ages 5-9 works best. There is absolutely no upper or lower limit to the ages we can cater for, just let us know if the guest of honour or party guests will be outside of these rages, and we will happily adapt our activities to suit.

* Can boys join in with the party fun at your parties?

Absolutely! We always make sure our activities are enjoyed by everyone who attends your event, and our staff are trained to ensure no guests feel excluded. We actually find that by the end of the party a lot of boys are secret princess fans!

* How do I make a booking?

If you know exactly what you'd like to book you can head to our booking form by clicking here!  This link allows you to fill our a booking form, which will then be sent over to us and we will then get back to you to (hopefully!) confirm availability. Once availability is confirmed, you will be sent a separate link to check through all of your booking details, and then be taken to a payment screen - a booking fee payment equal to 50% of your chosen package price secures your chosen date, time and character(s). Due to the volume of enquiries we receive, until this payment is received, a booking is NOT considered confirmed, and our availability can change at any time. We are unable to hold any date without payment. All payments can be made by card, bank transfer or PayPal. For all party/event options which cannot be selected on our booking form, please send us a message through our Contact page, by emailing or by messaging us through Facebook or Instagram to let us know your requirements..

* Can the characters perform outdoors? 
Certainly! Although we do ask that you have an indoor space available in case of inclement or exceedingly hot/cold weather, inclement weather, or unsuitable ground conditions, as we would be unable to host our activities outside if any of these are present. If the party is held outside and the sun is shining, we do require a fully shaded area for our performers.

* Does an adult need to be present during the party?

Yes, we do require at least one responsible adult to be present at all times during the party. Sometimes parental intervention may be needed if one of the children needs assistance or becomes disruptive, this will allow us to keep the party running smoothly for the other children.

*How can I best prepare for the arrival of the character?

It is recommended that the other party guests arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before the arrival of your booked character(s), this will ensure nobody misses out on the fun or magic! At the party all the performer needs is a clear space for everyone to sit for story time and an area to dance freely (with twirling!) for singing and dancing. For crafts and make overs we request an area with a table and chairs. If not available, we have no issues hosting these activities seated in a clear area on the floor.

* Where should I host my party?
OF COURSE we recommend hosting your special event at our venue Emmabelle's Emporium - we have worked hard to create the PERFECT party venue. It is the ultimate stress free option for you, and the space is absolutely stunning! Of course if you are unable to travel, or have a larger guest count that we can accommodate at the Emporium, we can travel to any other location too, providing there is enough space for us to comfortably carry out all of our activities and there is a place at your chosen venue for our performer to park their car. If your party is taking place away from home or at a venue other than our own, do check if if there are any entertainment restrictions, particularly if your will be taking place outdoors.

*  Are your party packages just for birthdays? 
Character visits are perfect for nearly any occasion! Birthday parties are definitely the most popular events we perform at, but our characters are available for various other events at locations such as hospitals, libraries, schools, weddings, christenings and much more! If you would like to schedule a custom appearance, such as a classroom visit for storytime or you would like princess presence at charity event, just contact us to make arrangements. There is an option for bespoke private and corporate packages on our booking form.
​We can also offer private hire of all or part of our bespoke venue, and will soon be offering smaller one-on-one, mother & daughter, and best friend packages too - the perfect extra special treat for any occasion! Keep an eye on our social media pages for any updates.

If you do have any questions which are not covered here, please contact us for further information, we will be happy to help!