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Emmabelle's Princess Parties

If yes, that's wonderful! If you know the options you'd like to book simply click here to complete your booking form. One of the Emmabelle's team will check details, confirm availability within 24 hours, and send a link to secure your booking with a deposit payment. Once payment is received, you will be fully secured in our calendar - it's as simple as that!

If you're unsure of options available, you can view all current characters available on the 'Characters' page, and full details of our current package options on our 'Packages' page. For any questions you have, head over to our helpful FAQ's page for a list of the most common questions we receive, or scroll down this page to see some important Top Tips for planning your event!

If you still have questions please use our Contact form, or send a message to either or 07942820422, where we will be happy to help!

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Top Tips For A Perfect Party!

* Other entertainment/activities?

When you book with Emmabelle's, you won't need to book any other entertainment! Whilst we are there, you honestly don't need to worry about a thing. Since 2014 we have been practising and perfecting our packages to ensure you get a fully inclusive experience in regards to the entertainment side of the party, and we make sure the activities we provide are enjoyed by all guests (including boys!). If you book one of our 60 minute+ packages, any extras such as bouncy castles, soft play or similar tend to be a distraction and can prevent us from carrying out our schedule as planned. In order to get the most from our services, we suggest leaving out the bouncy castle, or if you'd still like to book extra activities to fill time either side of our visit, we request that this is deflated for the time we are with you.

What happens when we arrive?

To ensure your experience is as magical as possible, we do not require set up time on arrival, and we will be fully costumed and ready to go! We will arrive at the time you have booked us for, having made sure all of the required preps are done in advance - we don't bring along any big bulky advertising banners to display at your event either! Our number one priority is magic, and we don't want the children to see us as booked entertainment, but rather a special guest who has come to visit for their special day!

* When is best to invite guests?

We recommend asking your guests to arrive at least 15 minutes before the time you have booked our characters for, to ensure no one misses the magic!

* When to serve food?

- For all of our packages 90 minutes and under, we recommend serving party food at the end of our visit - food is a great distraction for us to make an exit!

- If you book our two hour package option, we find a food break in the middle of the two hours works well (at this time the characters will be taking the time to have some special one-on-one interactions with the children whilst they eat). If you would prefer to serve party food following the two hours, we ask that you have drinks and snack available for a quick break for the children in the middle, if we feel they would benefit from a short break.

- For our half hour visit option, especially if other entertainment or activities are present, it can also work well to have our characters arrive for the final half hour of the party, as the children are finishing food.

* Hall or Home?

We can host our activities wherever is best for you to hold the party! We just ask that there is enough space for guests to move freely, and to keep in mind that some of our princesses wear quite large ballgowns!